If you are in immediate danger, call 911 or the GW Police Department.

      Call 911       Call 202-994-6111 (GWPD)

If you are not in immediate danger, call GW Sexual Assault Response & Consultation (SARC) for help.

Call 202-994-7222

If you would like to report an incident of sexual assault, sexual harassment or relationship abuse.

Report an Incident



Haven, A Safe Space for GW

If you have been sexually assaulted or know someone else who has, GW wants to help you get the support that you need.

Haven offers resources related to sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating or domestic violence and stalking.



The Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Interpersonal Violence Policy and the Policy on Prohibited Relationships with Students were approved by the GW Board of Trustees on May 18, 2018. These policies will become effective July 1, 2018. 

These new policies will replace the Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy, the Threats and Acts of Violence Policy, and relevant sections of the Code of Student Conduct. Read more about these newly approved policies and how they affect the university in GW Today.


Options for Support

Talk to a Haven Staff Member

Rory Muhammad

Rory Muhammad

Director & Title IX Coordinator

Christina Franzino

Christina Franzino

Assistant Director for Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (Response Cordinator)

Kiera Bloore

Kiera Bloore

Title IX Investigator

Herbertia Gilmore

Herbertia Gilmore

Title IX Case Manager

Contact Title IX Staff