If you are in immediate danger, call 911 or the GW Police Department.

      Call 911       Call 202-994-6111 (GWPD)

If you are not in immediate danger, call GW Sexual Assault Response & Consultation (SARC) for help.

Call 202-994-7222

If you would like to report an incident of sexual assault, sexual harassment or relationship abuse.

Report an Incident



Report an Incident

Reporting an incident to the Title IX office means that you are on record with the university so that we can take steps to ensure your safety and the safety of the community.

You are encouraged to report any incident of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or relationship abuse to the Title IX office, even if you were not directly involved, and even if you would prefer to remain anonymous. Please share whatever information you are comfortable sharing. Even if you do not know all of the relevant details, you are welcome and encouraged to report. 

All information submitted will be reviewed by the Title IX office, and we will reach out to the person affected by the incident to offer assistance and options. 

If you are reporting as a third party--someone other than the survivor(s)--you might not receive follow up information from the Title IX Office. This is so that we can prioritize the needs, wishes, and confidentiality of the survivor or impacted party. If you are a third party and have specific questions or would like a certain kind of follow up, please indicate that in your responses below, or contact Rory Muhammad

Reporting to the Title IX office is not the same as filing a police report or filing a student conduct complaint. You will still have these reporting options available to you, but they are not required.

Keep in mind that if not enough relevant facts are provided or the survivor/complainant does not participate in the follow up, there may be limited actions available to address the incident.

Please provide whatever information you can about other people involved in the incident and how they are involved.
Please include information about whether there are safety concerns related to contacting the survivor, whether they know a report is being made, etc.