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If you are in immediate danger, call 911 or the GW Police Department.

      Call 911      Call 202-994-6111 (GWPD)

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If you are not in immediate danger, call GW Sexual Assault Response & Consultation (SARC) for help.

Call 202-994-7222


If you would like to report an incident of sexual or gender-based harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, intimate partner violence or stalking.

Report an Incident

Medical Care

Your immediate safety and wellbeing are most important. If you have just been hurt, please take steps to make sure you are in a safe place.

Get Help Right Away 

If you are in immediate danger, please call GWPD at 202-994-6111 or local police at 911.

If you are not in immediate danger, but want to talk to someone right away, call 202-994-7222 24/7 to talk to a member of the Sexual Assault Response & Consultation (SARC) teamAlso, consider going to a trusted friend’s place if needed.

Get a Forensic Medical Exam

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Try to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Evidence collection, treatment options, and some prevention measures (such as pregnancy, if applicable to your situation) have time limits. If a sexual assault happened within the past 96 hours, you can receive an evaluation and treatment by a specially trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE). Intimate partner violence exams are also available within 30 days from the assault. Both exams are provided at no cost and without proof of insurance. No police report or proof of citizenship is required. This is strongly encouraged.

The SANE nurse will evaluate you for injuries, help prevent pregnancy and infections (if applicable), and collect forensic evidence in case you decide (now or later) to file a police report.

If you would like to reach an advocate to receive a forensic medical exam for a sexual assault, or to talk through the examination process, call the DC Victim Hotline at 1-844-4HELPDC (844-443-5732). 

Going through an exam doesn’t obligate you to file a police report, but it collects and preserves evidence in the event that you decide to do so later. You can also file a police report without obtaining a medical exam, but medical evidence will often be helpful in that process.  


Complete the following steps to get an exam:

Avoid the following before going to the hospital for a SANE exam:

  • showering

  • using the restroom

  • brushing your teeth

  • eating or drinking

  • changing your clothes

  • smoking or chewing gum

  • cleaning yourself

If you have done any of these things, you should still get a SANE exam. Just take the clothes you were wearing at the time of the assault. Use a paper bag to carry your clothes in if you have one available. 

Each county has a dedicated SANE program and you must go to the hospital that has the program in the county where your incident happened.

For example, if your incident happened on GW’s Foggy Bottom or Mount Vernon Campus, you will need to go to Washington Hospital Center.

Incidents in D.C.

Washington Hospital Center
110 Irving Street NW
Washington, DC 20010

DC Victim Services Hotline: 1-844-4HELPDC (844-443-5732)

ER: 202-877-7632

Incidents in Northern Virginia

Inova Fairfax Hospital
3300 Gallows Road
Falls Church, VA 22042

Inova Ewing Forensic Assessment and Consultation Teams (FACT): 703-776-6666 (option 3) during business hours. After regular business hours, please call 703-776-4001 and ask to page FACT nurse.

ER: 703-776-3116

Incidents in Maryland

Prince George’s County

Prince George’s Hospital Center
3001 Hospital Drive
Cheverly, MD 20785

The Sexual Assault Center Hotline: 301-618-3154

ER: 301-618-2000

Montgomery County

Shady Grove Medical Center
9901 Medical Center Dr.
Rockville, MD 20850

ER: 240-826-6000

Option 1: Call SARC at 202-994-7222 and the advocate on call can connect you to the appropriate SANE program and help arrange transportation to the appropriate hospital. SARC members may also be able to go with you to the hospital if you feel it would be helpful.

Option 2: Call the relevant SANE program directly, and they will help arrange transportation.

A complete forensic examination can take several hours. If you can, bring items to make yourself comfortable:

  • a book or something else to keep yourself occupied

  • a phone charger

  • comfortable clothes to change into after the exam

  • snacks and drinks to have after the exam

An advocate will be present with you at the hospital, but you can also bring a friend or other support person with you if you would like.

Get Medical Attention at the Colonial Health Center 

Even if the incident happenedmore than than 96 hours ago, medical attention is still important.

You can go to the Colonial Health Center (CHC) to be examined by a medical professional and screened for illness, pregnancy, and injury. This exam can be done without billing your insurance or having any related documentation sent to your insurance policy holder.

Call or walk in to the CHC for a medical appointment and let them know that you need medical evaluation following a sexual assault, but that you do not wish to have a forensic examination.

Other Options for Support