If you are in immediate danger, call 911 or the GW Police Department.

      Call 911       Call 202-994-6111 (GWPD)

If you are not in immediate danger, call GW Sexual Assault Response & Consultation (SARC) for help.

Call 202-994-7222

If you would like to report an incident of sexual assault, sexual harassment or relationship abuse.

Report an Incident



Resources for Faculty & Staff

If you are a faculty or staff member and have experienced sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, or relationship abuse, you are encouraged to contact Rory Muhammad, Title IX coordinator. 

Support is also available through the university's Employee Assistance Program

Complaint and Grievance Procedures

If you have experienced harassment or other concerning behavior from another GW community member, or during the course of fulfilling your job duties, you can reach out directly to the Equal Employment Opportunity Office in University Human Resources. This office can help you file a formal complaint, and will investigate and seek to remedy the situation. 

Report an Incident

If you know about sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship abuse, or stalking affecting someone at GW, there are resources available for you and for that person. You might have a responsibility to report the incident to the Title IX office. Even if you aren't considered a "responsible employee," we encourage you or the person affected to reach out for help

Report an Incident